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How Do I Withdraw or Change My Bid After It Has Been Placed?

Changing a Bid: 

If you accidentally placed the wrong bid on an item, you can correct it at any time by going back to the auction item’s listing page and rebidding at a lower amount that is higher or equal to the current minimum bid required. 

Withdrawing a Bid:

Hip currently does not have a “Withdraw Bid” option, however, you can send a request to our Customer Success team if you have a bid on an auction item that you want to be removed.

IMPORTANT: Our team can only remove your bid if there are over 24 hours left in the auction. Additionally, Hip’s auction process works using proxy bidding, which ensures that the final price won is only at most one increment above the next highest bidder's bid. If you have any further questions about how bidding works on Hip, please contact our Customer Success team at

If you want to learn how to review your bids, please see this article: How to Review Bids

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