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Searching on HipPostcard

HipPostcard was built from the ground up for postcard collectors, and that includes our proprietary search engine, which understands how postcard collectors browse and search. With that in mind, you'll find that most of your searches will work automatically and intuitively, to help you find the exact postcard you're looking for!

Interested in learning more, and/or knowing a few tips and tricks? Read on!

Searching for Items (the Search Bar)

At the top of any page on HipStamp, you'll find a search bar where you can "Search Items from All Sellers..." Here, you'll be able to search for keywords found within item listings, but there's also quite a bit of magic we've built in for stamp collectors.

"OR" Searches

When searching by keyword, you can place the operator "OR" between any two keywords, to show results that match either. For example: Cat OR Dog

Wildcard Searches

When searching by keyword, you can match all words that start with a specific set of characters by prepending those characters with a star symbol. For example: Pea*

Note that our proprietary search engine will automatically return the same results for nurse, nurses, nursed, nursing, etc. if you just search for "nurse" so there's no additional need to use a wildcard search in such cases.

Negative Searches

When searching by keyword, you can exclude certain words by placing a minus sign directly in front of the word. For example, you can add -George to your search to exclude all items which include George in the title.

Selecting a Main Category

Once you've started a search, the next action is to filter by a main category. This is an important step because once you filter by a main category, you'll see a large number of additional filters that you can use to narrow down your search further.

Filtering Your Results

Once you've selected a main category, you can generally narrow down your results further, by the following options:


Postcard Type

The following additional options are also available, regardless of if you've selected a main category:


Show Only

Seller/Item Location

Ships to

Sorting Your Results

From the "Sort By" drop-down menu at the top of any search results, you'll be able to change the order of the results that you see, including based on Country & Catalog Number!

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