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How to use the My Want List feature on HipStamp

Have a particular stamp that you're searching for, but don't see it on HipStamp? Or just want to be notified when new listings appear for a particular stamp? Our My Want List feature has you covered!

My Want List will show you any stamps on HipStamp that currently match your Wants, in addition to notifying you when new stamps matching your criteria are listed.

To access the My Want List feature go to the Members Area > Buying > Buyer Tools > My Want List page:

HipStamp Want List:

Adding a New Want List Item

Click the blue "+ Add New Item" button at the top right of the My Want List page.

From there, you'll be able to input the specifics of what you're looking for:

  • Country
  • Catalog Number
  • Condition
  • Stamp Format
  • Centering
  • Has a Certificate
  • Certificate Grade
  • Priority
  • Estimated Buying Value (we recommend entering this amount to help narrow your search results)

Once you're done adding your Want List item click on the "Save" button (or the "Save & New" or "Save & Similar" button).

Adding New Want List Items in Bulk

To quickly add items in bulk to your Want List, once you've entered a Want List item, click on the "Save & Similar" button. This will allow you to create a new Want List item based on the previous one - allowing you to change only the fields you need to, such as Catalog Number. For example:

Editing a Want List Item

From the main My Want List page, click on the pencil button under the "Actions" column to edit any Want List item.

Deleting a Want List Item

From the main My Want List page, click on the x button under the "Actions" column to delete any Want List item.

Viewing Listings on HipStamp that Match Your Want List

From the main My Want List page, under the "Items for Sale" column, you'll see a current count of how many listings currently listed on HipStamp match your Want List item, and you can click on the "Shop Now" button to view those listings.

My Collection

Looking to keep track of your current collection? Click on the "My Collection" tab at the top of the main My Want List page and build out a list representing your entire collection for your own reference!

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