While Hip is a marketplace, we are not directly involved in any transactions, and all payment is made directly from each buyer to each seller. As a result, as we have no ability to collect payment from any buyers, we do not collect sales tax automatically.

Can I charge buyers sales tax on Hip?

Yes, we provide each Seller with the option to specify where they would like to collect sales tax and buyers in those locations will then automatically be charged sales tax at the indicated percent. To set up your sales tax nexuses, head to the Members Area > Selling > Global Settings page:

HipStamp: https://www.hipstamp.com/members/tools/global-settings
HipComic: https://www.hipcomic.com/members/tools/global-settings
HipPostcard: https://www.hippostcard.com/members/tools/global-settings

Under the "Tax Type" section, select any applicable tax nexuses.

What if the percentage rate that I need to charge is not shown?

If you need to charge a specific percentage rate that is not shown as an option, please Contact Us.

Please note that as a Seller, you are responsible for ensuring that you follow any applicable tax laws.