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How can I edit, update or delete feedback?

Once a transaction has been initiated, buyers and sellers will have the opportunity to leave a feedback rating for each other per item purchased.  Feedback should accurately reflect the purchasing experience and be specific to the item received. 

If no feedback has been provided after 45 days, Hip will automatically post a positive feedback rating for sellers with the comment "Positive Feedback Automatically Left After 45 Days".

In general, once feedback is left, it can not be changed. However, if you would like to request that our Support Team review feedback left by yourself, or for you (by another member) please contact us.

Feedback is an important part of the Hip platform, and as such, we take the feedback system very seriously. In particular, this means that even if a member disagrees with the feedback they have received, in order to keep the system fair and transparent, there is only a very limited set of circumstances in which we can update or remove feedback.

Valid reasons for our Support Team to remove feedback include the following reasons, and only at our sole discretion on a case-by-case basis:

  • A clear mistake. For example, a member left feedback with the text “Smooth Transaction, No Problems”, but accidentally checked off the negative feedback box.
  • A member requests to withdraw feedback within 30 days. Specifically, if neutral or negative feedback was left due to an issue with the transaction, which was subsequently resolved, the poster may request to withdraw their feedback within 30 days of the original transaction.
  • Failure to read a clear item description. In the case where a buyer has left neutral or negative feedback, but their comment shows a clear failure to read the item description (which in itself must be clear and unambiguous), the Seller may request the feedback be reviewed for removal. An example of this would be if a listing was for a “Used” item, and the feedback left is a complaint that the item is “Used."
  • Delivered orders shipped with tracking. In the case where a buyer has left neutral or negative feedback, indicating that an order was not delivered, but the Seller can prove delivery via a valid tracking number, the Seller may request the feedback be reviewed for removal.

Feedback can not be changed or updated in any other circumstances, including, but not limited to the following:

  • A buyer believes that the item was not described accurately (excluding within the case of “Failure to read a clear item description.”)
  • A buyer left neutral or negative feedback because there was an issue with an order, even if the Seller has subsequently resolved the issue, and/or refunded the buyer. 
  • Feedback that is automatically left after 45 days cannot be removed or changed.

Please also note that we will not review feedback for removal if the feedback is older than 60 days.
With that in mind we, of course, encourage all members to work out any issues before leaving feedback.

How to Contact Our Support Team

You can contact our Support team here:

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