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Bulk Listing Comics Books from Images

On HipComic, we offer an exclusive and revolutionary feature that allows you to create entire item listings, complete with Volume, Issue Number, Publisher, and more - all from just the image (photo or scan)!

This is perfect if you currently have a stack of Long Boxes you've been meaning to sell, but you haven't had the time to scan, type, and create listings for each book individually. With our Comic Book Image Recognition feature, you can list and sell hundreds or thousands of comic books quickly! Just upload your images, and let us create your listings.

3-Minute Video Overview

For a quick overview of the process, check out this video overview first:

Here's how it works in detail:

Step 1: Upload Your Images to our Bulk Lister

From within the Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Bulk Lister page, click on the "Image Manager" tab:

Step 2: Download our Automatically Generated CSV File

Once you've uploaded your images, scroll down on the page below the Image Manager, and in the section "Use Image Recognition (BETA) to automatically create a Bulk Lister CSV file..." click on either of the following two buttons:

  • Auction (Click this button if you want to create auction listings)

  • Store Items (Click this button if you want to create store listings)

Once you've clicked on either button, we'll automatically create a CSV file for you. Within this CSV file, we'll include the Volume, Issue Number, Publisher, etc. for each of the comic books featured in your images - automatically!

Step 3: Review & Upload Your CSV File

Once you've downloaded the CSV file we created for you, review the file for accuracy, add any additional information you would like to each listing; and if you're listing store items, enter in a price for each item.

Next, save your file, and head back to the main Bulk Lister page:

Upload and submit your CSV file. On the next page of the Bulk Lister, leave all settings as-is, and click submit. That's it you're done! Your listings will be created shortly. Important! Please ensure that you do not delete any images from the Bulk Lister > Image Manager until at least several minutes after all of your listings have been created.

For reference, if you would like to learn more about the Bulk Lister in general, see: How to Use the Bulk Lister

For a list of current limitations with our Comic Book Image Recognition feature, please see: Known Limitations

A Note on Private IDs

The automatically created Bulk Lister CSV file will use your Image Names as Private IDs. Keep in mind that when using the Bulk Lister, if you upload a row with a Private ID already actively in use within your store - that listing will be updated - a new listing will not be created. This means that you must ensure that your Image Names (and therefore Private IDs) are unique. Alternatively, you can remove the Private IDs from your Bulk Lister CSV file, or change them accordingly.

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