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How to Mark an Order as Shipped

As a seller, you have the option to mark an order as shipped as well as provide tracking details of an order. Doing so automatically sends an email notification to the buyer that their order is being shipped. 

To do so, navigate to your Sold Orders page (Members Area > Selling > Orders > Sold Orders) and click the “Mark as Shipped” button to the right of the invoice: 




Then a small window with the following fields will pop up:

To mark the order as shipped, click the Shipping Status drop-down button as indicated in the above image and select the appropriate option. You can also enter the tracking details of the order in the Enter Tracking Info field if available, then click Save. 

Marking Orders as Shipped in Bulk

Select the “Paid/Not Shipped” option from the Filter by drop-down button on your Sold Orders page to view all of your paid invoices that you have not shipped or marked as shipped yet: 

Next, click on the blue “Mark All Shipped” button as indicated in the above image to mark all orders in the current filter as shipped. 

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