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Community Guidelines

At Hip eCommerce, our team works hard to build a community based on trust, respect, and love of collectibles.  We think this makes our community pretty great and we hope you agree! Please help us to do this by following the guidelines below:

Be Polite

Hip eCommerce is a community where everyone should feel safe and comfortable.  We ask our users to be respectful and professional in their interactions with others so that we can maintain a good and happy market for everyone.  We are all individuals with our own opinions and we expect everyone to be respectful of each other.  

Be Authentic

Please be yourself when engaging with the community.  We are more than buyers and sellers, we are a community of people.  Just be you!

Reach Out

We want you to know that our support team is here for you.  We will do our best to go above and beyond for you and all our customers.  

What are Hip Marketplaces For?

Collectibles,, and are a place to come and expand your collections. We allow collectibles and collectible related items such as organizational tools and action figures.

Create Your Own Listings

Creating a listing is easy. We encourage you to take those extra steps to showcase your item in the best way possible.  We find that photos where the item takes up at least 75% of the shot work well with buyers.  The item should be clearly represented in the main photo.  Try to avoid any editing techniques that take away from highlighting the item such as brightening too much or photo filters.  Please do not use any photos in your listings that you do not have permission to use.  Also, you have the ability to upload up to 100 images.  Make the most of this by taking front and back pictures and photos highlighting specific details.  

Responsible Auctions

Auctions are a great way for buyers to find new products and for sellers to showcase their best.  Make the most of auctions by submitting items that are accurately described and honor auction results.  

Happy Buyers

If you accept an offer from a buyer, you must complete the sale. This means, once the buyer has hit the "Buy Now" button and successfully submitted their payment through PayPal, you are expected to send the items(s) they purchased.  We understand that mistakes happen, and if you need to cancel a transaction please let the buyer know right away. Cancelled transactions create confusion and disappointment for your buyers but open communication with them can keep them coming back. We expect that our community members will be respectful of each other and fulfill their orders to the best of their ability.

Be Trustworthy

When creating a listing, please be thorough in describing your item and disclose as much information as possible.  Take care to be accurate about details such as the condition and age. This will help buyers know exactly what they are getting and will decrease the risk of returns or disputes.  

Remember - you also have the ability to list up to 100 photos with your item. Make the most of these!

When registering for your Hip account, make sure your information is accurate and up to date.  This will allow Hip to better assist you should you run into any issues.  

Build a Good Reputation

Buyers and sellers are encouraged to leave each other accurate feedback after each purchase.  Your feedback should describe your experience and the product truthfully - good or bad!  Remember, feedback should never be used as a weapon, a negotiation tool, or in retaliation.  

Reliable Shipping

As a seller, you should ship sold items as soon as possible once you confirm you've received payment.  Where possible, we encourage you to provide tracking information as protection for both you and your buyer.  If you're unable to ship immediately, please let your buyer know.

Be a Good Buyer

Great sellers deserve quick payment.  As a buyer, payment should be made on a purchase in most cases in less than 5 days of purchase.  Doing so will help sellers get your items out quickly.  If you have an issue with a purchase, let your seller know directly using the Hip Messaging tool.  


Good communication is key to having great transactions. We encourage buyers and sellers to communicate before, during, and after each transaction.  For your safety, we also require communication to happen through Hip. This will give us the ability to step in and help if you run into any issues.

Buyers, be sure to ask questions before purchasing items to avoid returning something you may ultimately not want.  Sellers, try to maintain accurate listings and respond to buyers' questions quickly and thoroughly as any question could lead to your next sale. Whenever possible, update buyers with shipping information.

Listings and Photos

Make sure that you do not list anything that does not belong to you, or that may violate any state or federal laws.  For your product photos, please be sure to use images that you have taken yourself.  If using stock photos, please ensure you have the rights to use them.  

Safety and Privacy

In order to keep everyone secure, please avoid posting screenshots, comments, or descriptions that include contact information or other personal information.  

What Hip Marketplaces Are Not For

Unrelated Items

Hip Sites (,, and are specifically for items in those fields.  Please do not buy or sell items that are not related to these categories.  For an idea what you can and cannot sell, please check out the Listing Policies in Hip's Terms of Service at each site.

Forgeries and Fakes

Forgeries and fake items are not allowed on Hip unless they are non-modern.  This determination is at Hip's discretion.  If you're not sure you can list something, please contact us.  

Taking Transactions Off of Hip

Please be sure to keep your transactions within the Hip platform.  This will allow you to take advantage of buyer and seller protection in the event that something goes wrong.  This will also allow you to collect and leave feedback on each sale.  

If you make a payment off of Hip, please be sure to go through the Pre-Approval process between buyers and sellers so you can still collect your feedback.


We have zero-tolerance for conversation that is harmful, threatening, abusive, violent, invades privacy, or is racially/ethnically hateful.  Do not try to communicate with someone who has asked you to stop. If someone has behaved inappropriately to you, please do not engage.  Instead, reach out to us right away and we would be happy to look further into the matter and take the appropriate actions.

We expect all Hip members to speak respectfully and professionally to each other.

Adult Content

If you are selling anything that could be considered adult in nature, please include it in the designated category.  Adult content that has historical or artistic value is allowed, and you may wish to cover the imagery as appropriate.  Hip may remove items at our own discretion.  

Buyer's Remorse

When you make a purchase or win an auction on Hip, you are expected to pay for that purchase within 5 days.  In the event that a mistake happens, you can request to cancel an order by contacting the seller directly. Please reach out to the seller as soon as possible using the Hip Messaging tool (go to Members Area > Buying > Contact seller for the item you wish to cancel) so they can cancel the order.  This will allow sellers to get their selling fees refunded and give them the opportunity to relist their items.

Data and Content Mining

Do not use Hip to collect personal information.  You may not use any images by other users found on Hip for your own purposes unless authorized.  

Multiple Accounts

You are allowed to create only one account per Hip site unless you have received written permission from Hip.  Each Hip account allows you to use it as a buyer and a seller.

Breaking the Law

When using any Hip site or products, you are agreeing that your activity is not violating any local, state, or federal law.  


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