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Creating a Listing Using the "Sell Your Item" Feature

Hip has upgraded the listing experience for our Sellers to upload faster and more efficiently through our new “Sell your Item” feature. 


1. To get started, go to the respective Hip site and sign in to your account where you choose to upload your           listing(s) and click on 'Sell"  located on the header part of the page:

*Coming soon for 

2.  Upload the image/s of the listing first using the  “+” button:

3. Fill in the Details:

 For HipComic: If using our Image Recognition feature, details will automatically fill into these fields based on the image uploaded.

Important: Please be sure to review the details before creating the listing, and correct any errors as applicable.

4. Select what type of listing you’re creating under the “Pricing” section:

A. Auction

Selecting this option will require you to set the auction’s starting price and the auction’s duration. You can also add a Buy It Now price if you would like buyers to purchase your item/s instantly at the price indicated. 

 If you wish to choose when you want the auction for that item/s to start, you can schedule a Start Time, as well as automatically relist your item/s if it doesn’t sell at auction. 


B. Fixed-Price

If you select Fixed Price”, you will need to set a Buy It Now price for the listing. You can also enable Offers on that listing to allow buyers to make you an offer on the listing’s price, which you can accept, decline, or counter. 


5. Set Up Shipping:

Your default shipping settings will reflect in the Shipping section. You can leave it as-is, or you can set the listing’s shipping individually as needed by clicking the blue “Edit” button to the right. 


6. Set Up Preferences:

This section displays several different options for your listing. You can enable the Auto-Generate Private IDs feature by simply entering a prefix, then Hip’s system will add a unique sequential number to each new listing created going forward or fill out "PRIVATE ID (SKU") where Sellers can add their personal notes or private ids.

 You can also set the item’s quantity and set or update its Currency, as well as enable Returns and add your Returns Policy Details. 

 Please note that you will be required to enter the item’s location in this section.


7. List & Create a Similar Item and List your Item:

If you select the List Your Item option, it will create the listing. Your listing’s ID will then be displayed on the bottom left of the page. 


If you select the “List & Create a Similar Item” option, your item will be listed and will have its own unique listing ID that will be displayed on the bottom left corner of the page, and then a similar listing will be automatically created for you. 


That’s it! View your listings from your Members Area


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