Items Not Yet Purchased

All Sellers are required to set their shipping costs through the options that we provide. This helps to ensure that buyers can complete their purchases at any time, and ensures a smooth transaction. With this in mind, it is not possible for a Seller to change the shipping cost on an order before a buyer checks out and pays for store items, so it's important that you ensure your shipping costs are setup correctly through the options that we provide.

For more details on setting up your shipping costs, please see: How to setup Shipping Costs & Options. If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

What if a Buyer Asks for a Lower Shipping Rate?

If a buyer asks you for a lower shipping rate for an order they have not yet placed with you, you can update the individual prices of the items in question, and/or the individual shipping costs on the items in question.

Alternatively, you can also ask that the buyer make an offer on the items in question, which you can then accept to create an unpaid order. Once an unpaid order has been created, the shipping costs can be adjusted per below.

Adjusting the Shipping Cost of an Unpaid Order

Unpaid orders are only created when a buyer wins an item at auction, you accept an offer (or the buyer accepts your counter offer) and/or you and the buyer use the "Pay Later" feature. At this time, and only at this time, an order will appear in the Members Area for both the buyer and seller, which can then be paid. As the Seller, at this time, from the Members Area > Selling > Orders page, you can click on the "Edit Invoice" button to the right of any order to update the shipping costs:


However, please keep in mind that you will not be eligible to receive any final value fee refunds from either Hip or PayPal if you issue a buyer a partial refund on shipping costs.

Additional Relevant Terms and Conditions

Please keep in mind that per our terms, the following activity is prohibited by Sellers:

  • Shipping and Handling charges, including for additional items, are required to be specified using the options we provide.
  • Shipping and Handling charges must be realistic and are not allowed to be excessive.
  • It is not permissible to instruct buyers that they must wait for a custom invoice before paying for a purchase.
  • It is not permissible to instruct buyers that they must meet any minimum or maximum purchase requirements.