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How to participate in a Live Bidding Room on HipComic

Live Bidding Rooms allow you to participate in an auction in real-time and can be accessed on desktop or mobile. They are available to join 1 hour before an auction event closes and can be accessed on an individual auction event page. 

In a Live Bidding Room, you can view the next item closing, watch latest bids on items, place bids, and be notified if you are outbid – all on one central page. As auction items close, the next item in the auction will appear automatically. 

To start placing bids within a Live Bidding Room, make sure you are logged in and have an address specified in your account settings.

Head to the Auction Events Page

Click on the auction you want to participate in. 1 hour before the auction closes, you will see a banner to join the Live Bidding Room within the auction event page. Click the banner to enter the room.

If you are unable to bid, login to your account or add an address to your account settings.

The minimum bid for an item is always updated in real time. To place a bid, simply click on the "Bid Now" button. If you want to place a bid higher than the current minimum bid, type in your desired bid amount.

You can easily view all upcoming items in the Live Bidding Room and add interesting comics to your “Watch List”. View all items available in the auction on the “All Listings” tab. The next item closing will automatically be displayed first. Use the arrows to browse all items up for auction. 

You can also heart items that you want to follow more closely and it will add them to your “Watch List”.  Access all of the items you are watching via the “Watch List” tab. If you bid on an item, it will be automatically added to your “Watch List”.  Once you have won an item, you will see them displayed in the “My Wins” tab. 

Place bids on any item in the auction by selecting the “All Listings” tab and clicking on the individual item. To place a bid, simply click on the bid button to place the current minimum bid. If you want to place a bid higher than the current minimum bid, type in your desired bid amount. 

Head here to browse our Auction Events. As a reminder, Live Bidding Rooms are available to join 1 hour prior to an auction event closing. Have further questions? Let us know at 

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