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How to Review All of My Purchases

All of your purchases can be found within your Members Area > Buying page. 


Each of your purchases will display an Invoice Number, the username of the seller, the item purchased, as well as the item’s price, and the shipping costs. Your shipping information will also be shown at the bottom of the invoice.

For example: 

At the top left corner of your Members Area > Buying page, you will see a “Filter by” drop-down button which allows you to view your invoices by specific categories as indicated below: 

You can also print out a copy of your invoices using the Printer icon next to the drop-down filters. 

How to Download a Report of My Purchases on Hip

You can download a list of your purchases at any time for any specific date range from the Reports page by navigating to your Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Reports page: 

HipStamp Reports

HipComic Reports

HipPostcard Reports

To download your report:

  1. Select CSV - Sales Summary (Purchases) as the Report Type.
  2. Select the Date Range.
  3. Click the Generate Report button:
  4. A download link will appear at the bottom of the page once your report is ready. Click on the link and it will open a CSV file of a list of your purchases:

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