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Can I import/sync listings from eBay?

If you currently sell on eBay, you can use our Sync from eBay feature to keep your listings on Hip and eBay in sync. This includes syncing your current listing from eBay to Hip, as well as adding any new listings you create on eBay to Hip automatically. Additionally, if you sell an item on one platform, it will automatically be removed from the other platform and/or the quantity updated accordingly for listings with multiple quantities.

Setting Up the Sync from eBay Feature

You can set up the Sync from eBay feature from the Sync form eBay page by navigating from Members Area > Selling > Seller Tools > Sync from eBay page, also linked below:

HipStamp eBay Sync:
HipComic eBay Sync:
HipPostcard eBay Sync:

Please note: 

All listings closed or sold on eBay will continue to close/update on Hip automatically if you're currently syncing on eBay. However, if you sell an item on Hip, you will need to close the listing on eBay manually - or you will need to periodically follow the instructions provided on our Sync with eBay page.

Please find instructions below on how to close/update your Listings on eBay that recently sold on Hip: 

Step 1: Click this link to download a file of your recently sold listings on Hip.

Step 2: Go to the eBay Seller Hub > Reports > Upload page, click the "Upload Template" button, and upload the above file.

That's it! Any items you sold on Hip will now be closed - or have their quantities updated accordingly - on eBay.  

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