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How do I browse and search within a specific Store?

If you're interested in saving on shipping costs, you may want to consider purchasing multiple items from the same seller. This can easily be done by browsing and searching within a seller's store for additional items you may be interested in.

Navigating to a Specific Store

From an Item Listing Page

When you are on an item listing page, click on the "Seller" tab, and then click on the link next to the word "Store". Alternatively, you can click on the link which appears next to the words "More Items from..." below the item description box.

From the Stores Directory

If you know the name of a Seller, you can search by their name, username, or store name from the Stores directory, which can be accessed by clicking on the "Stores" link in the main header of any page:


From the Favorite Stores Page

Once you're within a Seller's Store, at the top of the Seller's Store you can click on the "Favorite Store" button, which will add that Seller to your list of Favorite Stores, which can be accessed from the Members Area > Buying > Buyer Tools > Favorite Stores page:


Browsing or Searching within a Specific Store

Once you are within a specific Seller's Store, you can browse and search their store using the options provided on the left-hand side of the screen, including the "Search Keywords" and "Categories" boxes. Note that if you are using a mobile device, you may need to first click on the grey "< FILTER" box displayed at the top of the store, for these options to appear.

Note that if you use the main search bar in the header, instead of the "Search Keywords" box, you will leave the Store, and instead search all Sellers' items sitewide.

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