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Account Suspensions

While we aim to ensure that all members' experience using Hip is smooth, in order to protect our community, we may occasionally need to restrict or suspend an account if we are concerned with issues that may negatively impact our members.

In the event that a restriction or suspension has been placed on your account, you will receive an email from Hip confirming the reasoning and duration of the suspension. In some cases, your account can be reinstated with proper action.

The most common actions resulting in a restriction or suspension are:

  • Non-payment of orders placed or auctions or offers that you've won
  • Non-payment of selling fees to Hip
  • A compliance issue with our terms and conditions
  • Inability to verify your account information

How to have your account reinstated

First, if you are a Seller, ensure that any outstanding fees are paid. You can make a one-time payment from the Members Area using the "Credit Account" button. [link]

For other issues, a request for an appeal of your suspension may be sent to our Support team for review here. In general, we'll need to be confident that any issues highlighted to you will not occur again, and any outstanding issues will be resolved.

If the suspension is for a specified period, please note that appeals will not be reviewed until the specified period has passed. If the suspension notification email to you has indicated that your account is permanently suspended, there is no appeal process for this decision.

What happens while my account is suspended?

During a suspension, you will not be able to use Hip or any of its marketplaces in any way, other than completing a payment on any outstanding Selling fees. This means that you cannot bid, buy, sell, leave feedback, or communicate with other members during the course of the suspension.

If you are a Seller and have any active listings with us, these listings will be immediately ended at the time of suspension.

Please note that any attempts to circumvent account suspension, including but not limited to using additional new or existing accounts, will lead to a permanent suspension of your account, which cannot be appealed.

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