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How to Cancel an Order

As a Buyer: 

Buyers who wish to cancel a transaction will need to contact the seller of the order.

As a Seller: 

If you're unable to complete a sale with a buyer - if, for example an item you sold is out of stock or damaged, or a buyer did not pay for an auction they won - you can cancel a transaction. However, if at all possible, try to avoid canceling a transaction because you don't have an item to send as this is considered a transaction defect and may affect your seller performance level.

How to cancel an order on Hip

  1. Navigate to the Resolutions page (Members > Tools > Resolutions)
    1. HipStamp:
    2. HipComic:
    3. HipPostcard:
  2. Select the problem/type of issue that you have 
  3. Enter in either the Order (Sale) ID or a Listing ID
  4. Select the reason for the issue/cancellation
  5. Confirm the affected listings within the order to cancel

If you are reporting an unpaid order, you will have the option to relist the items when canceling the order.

The order or listings will now be flagged as canceled. If you have initiated a cancelation for any reason other than non-payment, please immediately notify the buyer through the Message system, and refund any applicable payments.

When can I cancel an order on Hip?

You can cancel a transaction up to 30 days after an order has been placed, even if the buyer has already paid.

Orders can only be canceled for non-payment once the order has remained unpaid for longer than 5 days.

Getting a final value fee credit

As a seller, once you've canceled an order on Hip, a Resolution request will be created, which can be reviewed from the Resolutions page. If the buyer has already paid you for an order, you will need to immediately refund the buyer. Once we confirm that you have refunded the buyer, we will generally accept your Resolution request and issue you a final value fee credit.

If we are unable to confirm that you have refunded the buyer within 10 days of when a Resolution request is opened, your request will expire, and you will not receive a final value fee credit.

Important: Please note that if you do not file a cancellation request within 30 days per the above information, you will not be eligible for a final value fee credit.

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