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International Buying Guide

Import Fees (Duties & Taxes)

Will I Pay Import Fees?

If your shipping address is located outside the seller’s border-based trade entity (e.g. EU import of US items), you may be subject to import duties and taxes. These costs are not included in your Hip order and will be billed to you by the transporter during the customs clearance process or upon delivery.

You can check out the links below for more specific information on Custom Duties:

Important: Whether on Hip or any other website, paying import duties and taxes is a legal requirement for the buyer (not the seller) on all applicable transactions taking place outside your border-based trade entity. Note that sellers are not allowed to include these costs in the item's purchase and shipping price.

Failure to declare the correct value of your item in the Import Form exposes you to a) a return to sender, b) a delayed import and possibly a confiscation, c) an erroneous billing which would be impossible to dispute without declaring the true value of your order's item.

What If I Return the Item? Can I Get the Import Fees Refunded?

In the event, you are sending your item back to your seller and they have approved a return, you can inquire to the transporter who charged you the custom duties and taxes about the possibility of having those refunded.

How is Currency Conversion Handled?

If you are purchasing from a seller that lists their items in a currency other than yours, there will be a foreign currency conversion rate applied. The conversion rate is the result of the base exchange rate and the conversion fee. This will happen automatically at checkout through PayPal.

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