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How can I request a return or refund?

On Hip, listings, shipping and refunds are managed by the seller. To request a return or refund, please contact the seller directly: How can I contact a Seller about an existing order?

Please note that if you have received an item that is significantly different than as described, the Seller will need to accept a return of the item in accordance with PayPal's terms and conditions.

If you and the seller are unable to resolve the matter, please file a claim with PayPal, which will cover your eligible purchase + shipping cost through PayPal's Buyer Protection. This can be initiated from the bottom of the transaction details page on PayPal, by clicking on the "Need help? Go to the Resolution Center for help with this transaction..." link.

Note that Hip is unable to initiate refunds on behalf of the seller as all payments are handled directly through PayPal between the buyer and seller. We also recommend that you leave appropriate feedback once the matter has been resolved.

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