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What is the Pay Later Feature and How Do I Use It for My Store?

As a Seller, you have the option to enable our "Pay Later" feature. With this feature, you will have the option to pre-approve specific buyers at their request, to be able to checkout and pay later. This allows you to arrange alternate payment methods with buyers, such as by check or money order, or to work out payment plans, etc.

Enabling the Pay Later Feature

You can enable the option of using the Pay Later feature, by checking off the "Enable Buyers To Pay Later" option under "Payment Settings" on the Members Area > Store page, links also below:

HipStamp Store:
HipComic Store:
HipPostcard Store:

Pre-Approving Buyers

Once enabled, a "Get Pre-Approved to Pay Later" button will appear on all of your item listings. Buyers can then click this button to get pre-approved by you. This will send you a message through the Hip Message System. Simply reply to the message, and if you wish to approve the Pay Later request, check off the "Approve Request" checkbox which will appear along with the message.

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