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How do I know the status of my order or if my order has shipped?

Once you've placed an order on Hip, the seller has the option to mark the order as shipped, as well as provide tracking information. This information will be displayed in the Members Area > Buying section:



Specifically, if the order has been marked as shipped, a notification will be sent to your email that the order has been shipped, and the shipping truck icon at the top of your order on your Members Area > Buying page will be colored in green. If the seller has also provided tracking information, it will be displayed at the bottom of the order in the "Postage Method" section.

For example, the following order is marked as shipped, and has tracking information provided:

Important: Keep in mind that marking an order as shipped and/or providing tracking information is optional for the seller. So even if your order does not show as shipped, that does not necessarily mean that your order has not been shipped.

In such cases, you should contact the Seller directly to inquire about the status of your order. To contact the Seller, click on the "Contact Seller" button to the right of the order in question.

For more help on contacting a seller about an order, see: How can I contact a seller about an existing order?

If a seller has not provided shipping information, and you're unable to receive a response from the seller, please see the following: What should I do if I paid for an order and it has not arrived yet?

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