Have a particular stamp that you're searching for, but don't see it on HipStamp? Or just want to be notified when new listings appear for a particular stamp? Our My Want List feature has you covered! 

My Want List will show you any stamps on HipStamp that currently match your Wants, in addition to notifying you when new stamps matching your criteria are listed.

 Let's get started! 

Add Stamps to My Want List

First, click the 'My Want List' link on the main menu. 


Then click the blue 'Add New Item' button directly within the center of the page. 


From there, you'll be able to input the specifics of what you're looking for:


-Catalog Number


-Stamp Format


-Has a Certificate

-Certificate Grade


-Estimated Buying Value (we recommend entering this amount to help narrow your search results)

mceclip1.pngOnce you've filled out the fields, simply click the 'Save' button and we'll calculate the amount of items that currently match your criteria on HipStamp right now.


We'll also send you email notifications every time a new listing has been added matching the same criteria. 

From the My Want List homepage, you'll be able to view all stamps that you've added to your list and have the ability to shop directly from this page by selecting the 'Shop Now' button. 


Have any questions regarding the My Want List or about Hip in general? Please feel free to reach out to support@hipecommerce.com and we'd be happy to help!